Major poker tournaments in the world

Make no mistake, poker is big business. With millions of players worldwide, it’s the game where even the ‘average Joe’ has a shot at winning a major tournament and being catapulted into the big leagues. Win enough times, and you stand a chance at walking away with some serious cash.

So popular is the game, that tournaments have become huge spectator events, with huge crowds turning up to see their favourites play. Here are some of the major poker tournaments in the world:

Aussie Millions

Hosted by Melbourne’s Crown Casino, the Aussie Millions offers a prize pool of over $7 million, making it the biggest tournament in the southern hemisphere. Formerly known as the Crown Australia Poker Championship, the event is broadcast worldwide on Fox Sports.

Latin American Poker Tour

Held in a number of destinations throughout South and Central America, this tournament is sponsored by the largest poker website in the world, PokerStars.

World Series of Poker

The holy grail of poker tournaments, no genuine enthusiast can go past the World Series. Held in what is arguably the gambling capital of the world – Las Vegas – this tournament plays host to thousands of entrants from all over the world, showing the best of the best in the poker world. This tournament is just as much about the experience and atmosphere as it is the game, with ‘Sin City’ providing the perfect backdrop.