Poker Bluffing

Poker is one of the oldest table games in the history of casinos. It is also one of the games reminds us of the glamour and thrill of the casino world. As such, many people try to play it, but few succeed in playing it well or winning at it. What follows is a brief outline of just a few simple strategies to use to boost ones luck in a Poker game.


Put simply, Poker is a game about bluffing. David Sklansky on the basics: if a player played as if they could see an opponent’s cards, that player would win, and each time their opposition changes their strategy because of this, once more the player gains. This is considered to be the basis for many Poker strategies. This is also where the art of bluffing comes in.


Bluffing is simply acting as if the cards held in the hand are different to what they truly are. A good Poker player can con others into believing they have an excellent hand when it fact they have nothing. Don’t be fooled, though, it isn’t all about bluffing, and good poker players will not constantly bluff as this too can give them away.


A fun game to play, a hard game to master, Poker will always be a global favourite.